Cixi New Crown Metal Products Factory Co. LTD

The congenial antenna limited company of CiXi New Crown Metal Manufactory Co.,Ltd is a profession to be engaged in various antenna to research to manufacture, development, produce, sell to correspond by letter the business enterprise with technique service for the integral whole's profession.

Main product of company:rod Antenna,interior and outside antenna,plastic cement antenna,digital TV antenna,lightning arrester etc。company roduct the species to assort, function stability, the features is beautiful, and install the convenience, can latest craft project of special request, adoption that press customer at the same time, Leading is into the all new design concept, make product can larger and contented customer of request.

My company was 2001 pass through the ISO9001:2000 quantity management system standard.

2005:ISO14001quantity management system standard.

Crown Metal Manufactory Co.,Ltd is located at the Zhejiang Province Cixi, good communications, excellent surroundings, economic boom. Warmly welcome each correspondence friend presence, instruction.



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Create value for users and win friends for enterprises

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