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Rod antenna, indoor and outdoor antenna, plastic antenna, digital TV antenna, wireless public telephone antenna, car antenna, arrester, etc

Provide various antennas and metal products

Products quality control

Incoming quality control
All raw material components are checked to ensure they conform to custom antenna products.

Process quality control

All machining and fabrication processes are under control, and QC teams on the production line check and supervise each step of machining to meet the requirements.

Final quality control

After the production of the product, we will thoroughly check the test, the size of each product, quality, to ensure that every step is not ignored.

About The New Crown

Cixi new crown metal products factory co., LTD is located in fuhai industrial park, cixi city, zhejiang province. Specializing in the production of various types of antenna and metal products of the backbone enterprises. The total investment amounts to us $10 million, covers an area of 73,333 square meters, and has more than 600 employees. I Since its establishment in 1993, the company has been pursuing the perfection of product design, technology and structure, and actively promoting the update of product specifications and styles Redevelop and redevelop products to meet the growing market demand.

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