What should I pay attention to when installing the platform antenna?

2019-08-22 17:00

When erecting different antennas, the factors to be considered are different. The household antenna mainly considers the problem of signal reception, while the erecting group of platform antenna is related to the polarization waveform of its signal.

Usually used car GP standing are vertical polarization antenna polarization way, if you don't want to cross the use, in the case of signal strength enough, there is no problem, but the signal is weak, the antenna can't very well to each other antennas emit electromagnetic wave, and the weakest signals on both ends of the antenna extension direction, reflected in the actual application is reception efficiency drops, effectively shorten the communication distance.

The most common antennas are suckers and clamps. Sucker installation and removal is convenient, but easy to grind car paint, even if you package the red silk, the advantages can be placed in the center of the net, easy to adjust; The advantage of the clamping base is that it is fixed firmly, but the net is uneven.

Having said the choice of base, we should also talk about the antenna connection line (feeder). In order to ensure good communication quality, the connection of each part is very important, Z good can ensure the use of as few adapters as possible. At the same time also want to pay attention to the connection line of material and thickness, general erection are used with the support of the cable, but also the pursuit of extreme zhi's friend used is the diamond fixed length connection line. So of course Z is good.

It is also important to calculate the length of the connecting cable. The connecting cable of a general four-door car is about 4 meters, which can basically meet the needs of connecting from the front seat to the trunk. If it is a recreational vehicle or a jeep, it may be a little longer. When purchasing, be sure to estimate the length of the cable and do not add connectors in the middle to reduce the signal strength.

When everything is ready, a good erection position is chosen. The erection position of the antenna on the car can be divided into the front hood, roof and trunk. Erection in these different positions will have a certain signal attenuation in use, which is because of the different erection methods and the reflection of the signal by using the car body as the ground net effect. The ideal position for erection would be in the middle of the vehicle with a support. Of course, the use of suction cups will work well. This is less effective when mounted in the trunk of a car. Of course, there are also special cases. You can test your car radio according to different erection positions. Z is subject to the actual measured data.

Due to the limitation of size, the efficiency of the vehicle-mounted antenna is not very high, so a slight difference in the quality of the antenna will affect the whole communication process. Currently, the general vehicle-mounted antenna is divided into single-segment antenna and multi-segment antenna. Single segment is cheap, but it is better to have multiple antennas.

The position of the antenna is very important. According to relevant studies, the antenna is placed in the top center of the cockpit, which has high efficiency Z. Because of the large and uniform ground network and high position, it can also be placed on the trunk, but the effect is relatively general.